Tier 3 Producer / Processor   $500,000



Tier 2 Producer / Processor   $250,000



Prime Cannabis Retail Store and more…   $3,500,000

Nestled among one of Washington’s fastest growing communities on a slice of neat-as-a-pin home-town Americana, this cannabis retail location operates as both a recreational and medical retailer that celebrates the ever-growing diversity of cannabis products as well as cannabis accessories.   Their shelfs are stocked with hundreds of top-shelf flower, edibles, concentrated, drinks as well as may other great cannabis products. The staff is highly educated in the products and strive to create a welcoming atmosphere that promotes a strong, loyal customer base.  Consistent sales that have increased yearly.  Vape / Smoke / Café adds a unique dynamic to this sale and offers Glass, Vape Mods, Accessories, Apparel, Coffee and more….


Tier 2 Producer Processor License $200,000


Well Established Cannabis Retail Store $10,000,000

Centrally located and  known as Eastern Washington’s premier craft cannabis retailer. The free-standing building offers ample parking and a protected sales area. In good standing with LCB, town council, city hall and even law enforcement. Great relationships with growers / producers / processors as well. The space encompasses a warm inviting atmosphere, coupled with friendly knowledgeable staff and a vast se-lection of quality products. The customer base is strong, loyal and the retention level of returning clientele is high.